2016 WPS Summer Academy Newsletter

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The College Community Connection and 2016 Elementary Summer Academy present the 2016 Summer Academy Newsletter!

The 2016 Summer Academy has successfully completed its mission to offer a safe, engaging and rigorous program anchored in English Language Arts and Science. The exploration of an ocean themed curriculum exposed students to fiction and non-fiction literature, continued vocabulary development, written expression, research activities, scientific experimentation and experiences through technology during 19 fun-filled days with peers across 16 sites. Students enjoyed developing many skills through project based activities. They even enjoyed taking care of their very own fish as each classroom was provided with fish tanks, sand and realia items related to exploration of the ocean.

Thanks to very dedicated administrators and faculty, we were able to enroll close to 1,700 students. Additionally, we were able to increase our average attendance to 81% over the course of this year’s programming. Thank you to all summer academy staff and our loyal community partners for a phenomenal summer!

This year we enjoyed partnerships with the New England Aquarium, Heifer, Assumption Swim Program, Whitinsville Christian Academy Volleyball Program, Auburn High School Field Hockey Program, Worcester Rugby, the City of Worcester’s Parks and Recreation summer programs and many others.

Providing quality summer programming affords our students opportunities to enjoy additional learning time to achieve academic success and minimize the effects of summer learning loss. As you enjoy reading through our 2016 Summer Newsletter, you will find students engaged in lessons, experimentation and innovative learning experiences as described by our very own staff! WPS is committed to graduating 100% of our students’ college and career ready through supplemental supports such as innovative summer programming!